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    Digital Banking and Payments

    Customers are demanding better digital access and new entrants are driving the speed of innovation harder than ever before

    The platform for building fun banking and payments apps

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    Making Banking Fun

    People rarely succeed in anything unless they are having fun

    so .....

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    Financial Literacy

    Most of the world is ill prepared financially - let's help them win

    learn more

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Moroku - Making Banking Fun

Smartphones, tablets, social media and the cloud are commodifying huge aspects of the way financial services are provided and are empowering consumers in ways previously unimagined. Banks could lose a significant proportion of business, if they fail to keep up with changing business models and the very nimble, highly capitalised technology suppliers that are now elbowing their way into the banking, payments and investment arenas. Concurrently the aging population and increasingly disparate distribution of wealth is leaving governments and banks around the world struggling to implement actionable strategies for financial literacy. Moroku applies decades of motivational theory along with agile customer design approaches and global system expertise to create digital banking and payment experiences that reinvigorate the experience, release customer potential and create greater customer insight. Our Mobile banking and payments platforms are white labelled by banks, customised collaboratively to solve unique market segment challenges, integrated with core banking platforms and then operated by Moroku for maximum service and economic outcomes. All of our solutions are deployed on the world's leading cloud platforms enabling our banking customers to compete at speeds, scale and economies unheard of even 5 years ago. If you are a bank and want to innovate at the edge of the curve to drive customer action, please let us show you what we can do.


With so much social, economic and digital disruption going on, where do you focus?


Our mobile banking and payments platforms help banks help their customers succeed financially


Once the apps are built we run them on the world's best cloud

Measure and Tune

Once deployed we'll monitor performance and learn together

Helping Bank's empower their customers through digital

Social Media Blueprint for Banking and Insurance

Last week I was sat with an executive from a large financial services company who said that they were taking a conservative, risk averse approach to social media due to the adverse impact of getting it wrong. They were particularly concerned about reputational risk and brand damage. The issue at play is customers heading off

Nov 10, 2015 Admin

Behavioural Economics and Saving

Nava Ashraf’s article in the Harvard Business Review on the application of Behavioural Economics into health program design has much to offer in terms of application design in general. There are six principles and notions that are worth capturing and reviewing in terms of their impact on game design: Present Bias. This describes our tendency to

Sep 29, 2015 Admin

The day Brian revealed the real robbers

Matthew 21:12-13 Jesus entered the temple and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and said “You’re making my house a den of robbers!” Hhhhmmmmmmm. Well that’s a first – Bible quotes on the Moroku blog and let’s get that cleared up quickly … we’re not!  However,

Sep 11, 2015 Admin

Let us score your current digital banking strategy

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