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As the aging population leaves governments and their people around the world struggling to implement actionable strategies for financial literacy, the banking industry's drive to implement digital customer service solutions risks dehumanising the banking experience and removing historical risk management systems. Moroku applies decades of motivational & game theory along with agile customer design approaches to create digital banking experiences that reinvigorate the experience, take customers on a journey of financial destiny creation, whilst creating greater customer insight. All of our solutions are deployed on the world's leading cloud platform enabling our banking customers to compete at speeds, scale and economies unheard of even 5 years ago. If you are a bank and want to innovate at the edge of the curve to drive customer action, please let us show you what we can do.


Banking is a complex and competitive business. In retail, success is dependent on getting customers to open transaction, savings and loan accounts and then use them in the manner they were designed. This is predicated on people paying attention to their finances and taking action. The raw truth is that they dont


They don't pay attention because its largely a very unrewarding experience. We log on to internet banking, we see how little money and how many bills we have. We feel bad and resent logging in again, just to give someone else our hard earned cash


Rather than focusing on making banking Easy to Use, we say make it Fun to Use. Make it rewarding in the moment so people are encouraged and motivated to log in and do the right thing; save for the future and get the debt under control

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Moroku provides a complete solution for banks, delivering fun to use mobile applications, run as a service and that are connected real time to banking payment systems. The process is fast and iterative, enabling banks to deploy ahead of their competition and learn

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Thoughts and commentary from the front of digital banking and payments

Digital Banking risks taking us backwards

ANZ has appointed Scott Collary as CIO. Previously Collary was responsible for consumer banking technology within Citi’s North American operation and where he introduced a ‘digital first’ technology strategy. Many banks are adopting a digital first strategy but this has substantial risk in turning the customer relationship in a backwards direction. More here from my […]

28 Nov, 2014 Colin Weir

Where is all the cash?

A recent report by RFI Consultants suggests that there is $60bn of cash in circulation. But where is it all? Apparently mostly under people’s beds and most of those beds are off shore. Apparently there are eleven $100 denomination banknotes on issue for each man, woman and child in Australia, whereas the majority of the […]

27 Nov, 2014 Colin Weir

Trying to get people to pay attention to stuff that’s boring?

Air New Zealand nail it again by making it fun

5 Nov, 2014 Colin Weir